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DPHV – D’Aronco, Pineau, Hébert, Varin is a team of professionals specializing in structural engineering. From design to construction, we provide professional and technical services customized to your needs in the areas of building construction and transportation infrastructures.

Following in the footsteps of the firm Maurice Leblanc & Associates, well known in the 70s and 80s, DPHV advocates the support of its client's interests in respect with the "quality, budget and schedule" triad. Our expertise covers residential, commercial, public and institutional buildings, towers and skyscrapers, industrial and mining complexes, stadiums, sports complexes, convention centers and airports as well as bridges and other transportation infrastructures.

DPHV also has among its affiliates two proud partners in Sigmax and Axnor. The first offers specialized services such as 3D modeling using the Tekla and Revit platforms, design structural steel assemblies, coordination with other disciplines (BIM) and the production of shop drawings. As for the Axnor subsidiary, it specializes in structures for telecommunications and wind energy projects.

The experience and the know-how of our professionals allow us to provide services and solutions which are tailored to your needs, budget and schedule. Practical and innovative solutions that will satisfy you.

The head office of DPHV is ISO-9001 :2008 certified



With a dynamic and integrated management approach that involves the participation of the client, DPHV is able to deliver integrated services or be part of a multidisciplinary team to achieve specific mandates. The firm can quickly establish competent and experienced teams capable of meeting the specific requirements of a project, regardless of its size or nature.

The organizational structure of the firm promotes the close collaboration between its engineering departments (design, fabrication and construction) as well as inspections and expertises services. This constant interaction between specialized departments enables the development of optimal solutions at each stage of the project.

  • Preliminary and feasibility studies
  • Pre-project preparation, assistance to professionals (architects, designers, engineers, etc.)
  • Project cost estimates
  • Structural concept and design
  • Preparation of plans and specifications
  • Preparation of technical specifications and project performance specifications
  • Verification of shop drawings (steel, concrete, wood, aluminum)
  • Engineering of telecommunication structures
  • Engineering of Air Traffic Control structures
  • Fall protection engineering
  • Studies and design of seismic retrofits
  • Supervision and site Inspection
  • Optimization of connection details
  • Detailed design of complex bolted or welded connections
  • Coordination with the various trades
  • Preparation of drawings for fabrication
  • Site supervision, solutions and recommendations for field problems
  • Concept and design of precast concrete members and connections
  • Construction site planning
  • Plans and specifications for erection of structures
  • Plans and specifications for temporary works
  • Methods of construction and erection procedures
  • Engineering of special lifts
  • Transportation by barge
  • Monitoring and supervision of erection
  • Inspection of parking garage structures - In conformance with Bill No.122 of the Régie du Bâtiment du Québec (RBQ)
  • Inspection of building envelope - In conformance with Bill No.122 of the Régie du Bâtiment du Québec (RBQ)
  • Inspection, structural evaluation and expertise of existing structures
  • Preparation of structural expertise reports



At DPHV we believe that the success of a company is directly related to its people.

It is by adding and combining the skills, knowledge and creativity of all that we build and expand our experience.

Each of you is important to us. At DPHV, we offer a healthy work environment where you will find the support to bring out your talent, tackle challenges and develop your career. A continuing education program is in place for all staff to keep their skills at the cutting edge and to be on the lookout for advanced techniques.

You may be the person and if you are interested in a career with DPHV or with one of its partnering firms, Sigmax and AXNOR, do not hesitate to contact us.


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